— The Vision —

The vision of Alexandria Cares for the Uninsured is that by 2020 all low-income uninsured residents of the City of Alexandria will have a “medical home” – a routine source of care – that will enable them to access timely and affordable health care services when in need.

— The Mission —

Alexandria Cares for the Uninsured’s mission is three-fold:

  • To educate the public and the community about the circumstances and the needs of the low-income uninsured residents and their struggle to obtain affordable and timely health care services;

  • To foster public/private partnerships to expand access to primary health care services for all low-income uninsured adults who are without a medical home or a routine source of care; and,

  • To improve access to timely and affordable specialty care and treatment for some of the more chronically ill and economically disadvantaged members of the community.

 The moral underpinning of Alexandria Cares for the Uninsured was succinctly stated many years ago by H. Jack Geiger, MD, a pioneer in the community health movement in the United States. He wrote: 

“The poor are likelier to be sick. The sick are likelier to be poor. Without intervention, the poor will grow sicker and the sick will grow poorer. And that has troubling consequences for all of us.”

Dan Hawkins and Richard Merritt are Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Alexandria Cares for the Uninsured.